Augmented Reality Apps

Take a look at this video review of Augmented Reality Apps. Fascinating stuff… I am not sure about the glasses though…

There is no doubt that apps like Across Air have value – the next time I am in a new city for a conference I am keen to give one a go. But the most interesting thing will be how apps like these affect us socially – will we stop interacting with each other or start interacting more? Take for example the part of the app that tells you how close you are to recent tweets – it’s both exciting and unnerving at the same time – could this technology (or the exploitation of it) be a another step in the big brother culture we live in with the continued decline of  privacy?I’m still excited to see the next round of developments in Augmented Reality Apps – as at the moment everything feels a little bit clunky, but it does appear that the opportunities are endless…. if the technology is adopted and not exploited!

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